About Aframe

For Kiwis

Aframe was started by kiwis for kiwis, with the goal of bringing transparency to the experience of finding the right agent to sell your home. Aframe is for both Sellers and Agents. When selling our homes in Wellington we found it took so much time and effort to select an agent. Whether it be in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch or smaller places like Whanganui and Timaru we believe it should be easier to find the best possible real estate agent for you. So we built a market place that brings sellers and the best verified real estate agents together in one place, all across New Zealand!


Aframe for Property Sellers

When a home owner decides to engage an agent, they may reach out to the first agent they find without considering that shopping around could both save them thousands and more importantly, find the right agent to sell their home. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience in finding an agent to sell your home. This doesn’t just mean finding you the cheapest commission in town. It means finding the right agent to sell your home. We give you the opportunity to chat to an agent in a pressure free environment by not providing your personal details until you choose. Agents send you quotes for their service so that you can compare commission structures alongside proposed marketing strategies. Ultimately this allows you to compare the whole picture and decide what qualities you need in an agent for your situation.


Aframe for Real Estate Agents

A good real estate agent spends considerable time and effort building trusted relationships with clients to see how they could work together to sell a home. When using Aframe, agents can focus their efforts on finding clients that best meet their skills and expertise rather than having to cover a wide area find home sellers. An agent can search for homes based on property type, price range and location to efficiently find the homes that best fit their skillset.


Environmental statement

Aframe is committed to maintaining a low carbon footprint. Through clever engineering and cloud server hosting we are able to keep our impact on the environment minimal. We actively encourage both agents and vendors to utilise digital collateral, traveling via low carbon means or communicating digitally and generally considering the impact the home selling process has on the world around us.