Capital Gains Calculator -Bright Line Tax Calculator


What is the bright line rule and the bright line test?

The bright line rule is very simple. It states that you may have to pay tax if you sell a residential property for a profit within 5 years of the purchase date unless an exception applies. You can read more about it here.

How do I calculate the profit?

This is also very simple the calculation is as follows:

Profit = Sales Price – Purchase Price – Deductible Cost

  • The purchase price it what you purchased the property for.
  • The sale price is what you sold the property for.
  • Deductibles are costs associated with the purchase, sale and improvements.


Our bright line tax calculator

This calculator can be used to estimate the additional tax that you may be required to pay if the bright line tax rule applies to you. This calculator is only meant to be an estimate. Please always refer to advice from a tax expert such as an accountant.

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