Product Feature – Aframe Chat

December 27, 2019

Aframe offers the Aframe Chat feature as part of the agent finding tool. Aframe Chat is one of the unique features brings together NZ Real Estate Agents and Property Owners.

Aframe chat is accessed once a seller lists their property to find a Real Estate Agent in New Zealand. An agent can then quote on the property, detailing their commission and why they are the best agent for the job.

The Aframe Chat feature is designed to enable a seller and Agent to chat and get any required information before accepting a quote.

Initiating a chat

Once a seller has received a quote from a Real Estate Agent, the seller can initiate a chat.

Only sellers can start a chat, this is so that the seller can assess all Real Estate Agents who wish to list the property before deciding who to get more information from. 

Staying Anonymous

Aframe only provides sellers first name to real estate agents. Keeping Aframe anonymous enables sellers to find a Real Estate Agent in a comfortable environment, to make the best choice for their home.

Of course, there is nothing to stop a seller giving out personal information, and this will be required for a Real Estate Agent to do a full assessment of the property. 

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