How It Works

Aframe allows property sellers to request quotes from real estate agents for their services. It can be difficult to find and compare agents fees and commission, Aframe makes this easy.

Fill out some basic information about your property.

Let us know your address and simple information like the count of bedrooms and bathrooms and any special instructions. You will also need to provide basic personal info to be used to contact you and verify that you are the owner of the property. This information allows agents to more accurately create a quote

Receive quotes and compare real estate agents and commission

Real estate agents review listings for properties they think they are best to sell. Top agents send you offers to sell your home that include: commission structure, fees, why they are the best agent to sell your home and and additional costs. Having this information them allows property owners to make the informed choice.

Short list and select your real estate agent

After receiving quotes, chat with agents to get any more information you need. Get more details and compare with other agents quotes. Negotiate the commission and terms of service so that you feel comfortable.