November Product Update – GST Calculations and Initiating Chats

November 14, 2019

As Part of the Aframe continuous improvement program, we are pleased to announce the release of the following enhancements. Aframe strive to be the best possible independent tool for finding Real Estate Agents in New Zealand. If you have any feature requests, please email 

New Feature – Calculating GST

Throughout the first few months of operation, one of the most common queries Aframe had was around GST. For example;

  • Is GST included in Real Estate Agents Commission?
  • How can I see the complete quote including GST?
  • Why am I seeing GST excluding quotes?

In NZ it is common practice for Business to Business sale quotes to exclude GST, but at Aframe we believe that GST should be inclusive in quotes for Business to Customer sales. 

Because of this, Aframe have implemented new fields for GST in the quote tables. When a Real Estate Agent submits a quote, they are now prompted to note if the price is inclusive or exclusive of GST. Now all quotes on Aframe display the GST amount and the total including GST. These amounts are calculated based on if you sold your property at the Aframe valuation price. 

The outcome of this enhancement will mean added clarity to the process of finding a Real Estate Agent and no hidden costs. . 

Feature Enhancement – Initiating Aframe Chat

We value feedback from both sellers and agents at Aframe. A common theme in the feedback we have had from Sellers is that they receive too many messages from Real Estate Agents, especially agents they did not intend to chat to. 

Because of this, the Aframe chat has been designed in a way where a seller must be the first to send a message. This means that;

  • Sellers will only message agents they want to hear more from and meet in person.
  • Real Estate Agents are incentivised to put forward their best quote the first time (or risk not being messaged). 
  • Sellers are not intimidated or overwhelmed by messages once a quote has already been received and are doing analysis to compare agents. 

The outcome of this Enhancement will mean that when a seller is attempting to find a Real Estate Agent, they can take their time and assess each quote without a flood of messages while comparing Real Estate Agents.

Thank you for your support

Aframe Team |