January Product Update – Timeframe to Sell

January 11, 2020

As Part of the Aframe continuous improvement program, we are pleased to announce the release of the following enhancements. Aframe strives to be the best possible independent tool for finding Real Estate Agents in New Zealand. If you have any feature requests, please email team@aframe.co.nz or use the Aframe Chat feature to reach out.

New Feature – Timeframe to Sell

Thanks to the real estate agents who provided feedback in this space. Aframe have now added the option when listing a property to also tell agents what in what timeframe you would like to sell. 

The seller will now have the option to select; ‘ASAP’, ‘1 – 3 Months’, ‘3 – 6 Months’, ‘6+ Months’ or ‘Just an Enquiry’.

aframe find agent - timeframe to sell


This will allow agents to further refine what properties they send quotes on given their workload and planning. Sellers can take advantage of this so as to not have agents send quotes and then have to discover when the seller wishes to go to market.

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