Real Estate Marketing in New Zealand

January 12, 2020

Once you have been through the process to find a real estate agent, one of the first items to discuss is marketing your property. In New Zealand it is typical for the home seller to take on some or all of the marketing costs. 

Why Is Marketing Important?

Why not just list your property on trademe and be done with it? Well, for some this is actually a viable marketing strategy, with 75% of property sales in NZ being listed on trademe, most home buyers will check there before anyone else. However, consider how you can reach the widest audience possible, to get the most offers you can in order to make you decision on the sale and how your property can meet or exceed your valuation

Online Marketing

Your agent will likely get your property onto some or all of the online sales listings websites like trademe, and open2view. Be aware that many buyers filter on these sites by ‘latest listings’ so your home can quickly be buried off the first page of results, so first impressions matter. 

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Home Presentation

Presenting your home as neat and tidy is the first step, but then capitalising with great photography is key. Your real estate agent will either be able to suggest a photographer or exclusively work with one who can show off the best features of your home.

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

Most often, real estate agents prefer to present different marketing options to clients and recommend the level the property should be pushed depending on the target audience. 

What you can do to help with Marketing?

Make it known that you are selling your home. Share your property listing on social media, with friends and family or community groups. Chances are, the people you know are the most interested in living in your home. 

What Marketing Can You Expect For Free From Your Agent?

When you choose a top agent to list your home, you should expect them to be able to market your home in a number of ways using their contacts and experience. Sharing your listing with other agents and within their agency, marketing to their email/newsletter subscribers and generally spreading the word to hype the property. 

Remember, you should have a clear written document with you agent that details any marketing and the associated budgets. This should be discussed at the same time as agency agreement details are being decided.

Find your Real Estate Agent with Aframe

All of these factors can be discussed once you find your Real Estate Agent. Finding a local expert who can assess your property is the best way to decide when you should sell. A Real Estate Agent can also best advice on marketing strategies, help you prepare your home and advice on staging. 

The easiest place to start your search for a local expert is 

When you list your property on Aframe with some basic details, Real Estate Agents will provide quotes. You can even specifically ask for advice on the best time to sell, then chat with agents in an anonymous, pressure free environment using Aframe Chat. Aframe allows you to compare Real Estate Agent commission and cost structures, as well as get you know your agent and compare advise.